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Photographer, Salvatore Vasapolli, has made Lake Hopatcong one of his home base since 1969 attending Stanlick grammar school in Jefferson Township. Eventually, photography would be part of his daily activities on the lake! Here are some of his favorite images.


New Jersey Lakes

Lake Hopatcong
Lake Mohawk
Lake Hopatcong Art Print- Liffy Cove Rocks
Liffy Cove Rocks
Lake Hopatcong Art Print Pete's Island
Pete's Island
Lake Hopatcong Art- Henderson Cove Sunset
Raccoon Island Sunset
Lake Hopatcong Art Close Finish
Close Finish
Lake Hopatcong Dripping Ice on a Nolan's Island dock
Dripping Ice
Lake Hopatcong Fireworks Anticipation
Fireworks Anticipation
Lake Hopatcong Art Foggy Fishing
Foggy Fishing
Halsey Island Winter
Halsey Island Winter
Lake Hopatcong Art Ice Boat Dream
Ice Boat Dream
Lake Hopatcong Art Jefferson House Ice Boat
Jefferson House Ice Boat
Lake Hopatcong Art Windlass Ice Boats
Windlass Ice Boats
Lake Hopatcong Icy Shoreline
Icy Shoreline
Lake Hopatcong Art Jefferson House
Jefferson House
Lake Hopatcong Art Main Lake Market
Main Lake Market
Lake Hopatcong Art Nolan's Point Sunset
Nolan's Point Sunset
Lake Hopatcong Art Raccoon Island Ferry
Raccoon Island Ferry
Lake Hopatcong Bryam Bay Winter Sunset
Byram Bay Winter Sunset
Lake Hopatcong Art Two Ice Boats
Two Ice Boats
Lake Hopatcong Art Woodport Marina
Wood port Marina

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